Past Guests

Marion Hulverscheidt

© Cordula Kropke

I joined CARMAH to research the provenance of the skull from the anatomical collection of the Charité, the so called ‘Gall-skull’, which is at the centre of our artistic-research project ‘Who is ID8470?’ led by Tal Adler as part of our Making Differences core project.

I studied medicine and history of science at the Universities Kiel and Göttingen. I am a trained MD and a researcher in history of science/medicine, my thesis discusses clitoridectomy in 19th century German medical world. My research is mainly based in 19th and 20th century medicine with connection to late 19th century and ethical trajectories into current medicine and society. I focus on knowledge production and the cultural and political influences within. For the last 25 years I was working on deciphering the mental attitude governing medical practice, be they colonial, racist or patriarchal.